Cremation Services

Urn of a loved one with a US flagCarlsen Funeral Home and Crematory is the location of one of only a few Crematories in South Dakota.  We provide cremation services for our funeral homes in both North Dakota and South Dakota including the cities of Aberdeen, Ashley, Ellendale and Eureka.   Owning our own crematory allows us to have complete control of our expenses and that saves the consumer money.  We boast the lowest cremation cost in the region for direct cremation.

Cremation does not mean that there can not be a viewing or have your loved one’s body at a funeral service.  We offer caskets that have replaceable liners that can be used for a viewing or service then followed by cremation.   Since we have our own cremator we can have a viewing one evening, perform the cremation then have a Memorial service the next day.

Cremation is simply a choice.  In the same way earthen burial or entombment is a choice.  We offer our clients all the options to choose from, and are able to supply you with all the information to make the choice that is right for your family.

Carlsen Funeral Home is all about support with truthful honest information.