Death Away From Home

jet plane bringing deceased loved one homeIn the event a death occurs when you are away from your home area, there are a few simple things to remember.  #1 Call Carlsen Funeral Home at 1-866-861-2818.  Michael and Lisa Carlsen and their staff will make all of the arrangements to bring your loved one home, from any place in the world.  #2 there is no number two; all you have to do is call Carlsen’s.

If you are a frequent traveler or simply just winter in the Southern States, Carlsen Funeral Home has a plan that will cover the expenses to return your loved one home at no additional cost.  This return home plan is simple. Your expenses to return you home are 100% covered if the death occurs anywhere over one hundred miles from your permanent address.  This coverage is offered at a one time premium of $285.00.  No additional premiums down the road, just the one payment.

It can sometimes cost thousands to return a deceased loved one.  From the cost of ground and air transportation, permits, preparation costs and even shipping containers. With the return home plan there is no additional expense.