We have built our business to serve a greater number of families in the area. We began with one and have grown to four and put every bit of passion and concern into each funeral in each community we serve.

Carlsen Funeral Home ABERDEEN 605-225-2281 Carlsen Funeral Home ASHLEY 701-288-3277
1708 8th Ave. NE 210 West Main
Aberdeen, SD 57401 Ashley, ND 58413

Carlsen Funeral Home ELLENDALE 701-349-3266 Carlsen Funeral Home EUREKA 605-284-2284
221 S. 2nd Street 702 8th Street
Ellendale, ND 58436 Eureka, SD 57437

Mailing address for all locations… 1708 8th Ave NE, Aberdeen, SD  57401
Toll Free Contact for all locations 866-861-2818