I, Stanley Altman, have shuffled off this mortal earth. I have ceased to be. I am no more. Such being the case, I want to leave you with these final words.

I passed away on April 5, 2019, with my family by my side. Very few thought I would live this long due to my long-term heart condition, but my stubbornness and love for my family kept me going. My decline, while a long time coming, was fast and pain free, just the way I wanted it. I thank Avera Hospice for that.

I moved to Aberdeen in 1974 and was fortunate to find a few like-minded friends. I started practicing medicine here after my service in the US Navy. Our first house was next door to Buddy and Gail Pickus. My family and I became fast friends with the Pickuses, and I have missed Buddy for years. I’ll also miss the rest of the members of Aberdeen’s Jewish community. I loved practicing medicine when it was the art of medicine, before it became the business of medicine. My colleagues David Seaman and Will Harder, along with the rest of my staff, were part of what made going to work more than just a job.

I’ve had some wonderful people in my life. And some not-so-wonderful ones as well. My first wife and I went our separate ways, but we had a few fantastic years together and had three amazing children. Then, almost 24 years ago, I walked into a concert at Northern State University given by the Dakota String Quartet. After the concert I met Barbara Pressler, the violist. We have been together ever since, and she became the love of my life.

I am survived by my loving wife, Barbara, daughter Elizabeth (Mike Hemberger) Altman, sons Adam and Ethan (Rebecca) Altman, grandchildren Ricky Reilly, Elias, Noah, Brooklyn, and Elliana Altman, sister Roberta (Jurgen Weber) Altman, and numerous nieces, nephews, and in-laws.

As my former business partner’s daughter recently said, I was the most interesting, amusing, and ornery person around. I will be missed.

In lieu of flowers, please support Avera Hospice (Avera@Home).