Traditional Funeral Services

A Traditional Funeral Service is the term funeral providers commonly use to describe a funeral that contains certain elements and events. Traditional Funeral Service consists of having the deceased placed in a casket, public visitation of deceased, funeral service at location of choice (religious based or non-religious based).

Following the funeral service, the deceased can be buried or entombed at Sunset Memorial Gardens Mausoleum or any location of choice.

The option for cremation can also be selected.  The casket used for the funeral can be a designated cremation casket or a rental casket may be selected.  Carlsen Funeral Home and Crematory having our own crematory allows the option of inurnment of cremated remains either day of the funeral or at a time selected by the family of the deceased.  We refer to this option of Traditional Funeral Service as Traditional Cremation Service.

Many Psychologists, Therapists, Clergy and Funeral Practitioners agree that viewing of the deceased has great value to the healthy acceptance of the loss of a loved one.  Carlsen Funeral Home and Crematory encourages viewing but also respects the wishes of every family served.